Treatments and Rates

iStock_000016010052Small.jpgboth clinical and cosmetic treatments are available

Our comprehensive list of treatments are competively priced and offer great value for money. Please scroll down to see more details.

Don't forget, you can contact us at any time if you're unsure of anything and we'll talk you through what we can do and how we do it!





A thorough and attentive MOT, giving feet love and care to bring them back to life. Footworks Chiropodists provide extensive footcare and footwear advice, empowering clients to maintain their foot health between Chiropody sessions.


Getting pain when you walk or run? The ancient Greek Philosopher Socrates once said "when our feet hurt, we hurt all over." Get a full Biomechanical assessment and find out why. Bespoke orthotics could be the answer to all your aches and pains


Footworks is the first centre in Birmingham trained in state-of-the-art toenail correction and repair techniques, and are now available to offer restoration solutions for nails damaged by fungal infections, psoriasis or trauma.


We will soon be offering a variety of other complementary therapies to assist with issues associated with the lower limbs and feet: Physiotherapy, Sports Massage Therapy, Bowen Therapy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

Reflexology is now available every Thursday 12-6.30pm.


From Friday 7th April our therapist, Manie,will be available every other week from 11am-6pm.

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Luxury Chiropody - £42.50 Please note full payment is taken in advance to secure the booking

  • Footworks signature treatment, a luxurious Chiropody session - Up to 40mins
  • Thorough and attentive medical pedicure and foot assessment
  • Aromatherapy cream footbath to soften the skin and prepare your feet for comfortable treatment.  We use deodorising and disinfecting Gehwol products which revitalizes and relaxes tired, aching and strained feet
  • Thickened nails are reduced and nails may be cut
  • Electric foot file is used to remove 'all' hard skin, unlike a pedicure where they use a foot rasp
  • Gentle removal of corns
  • Verrucas treated
  • In-grown toe nails fixed
  • Treatment finished with a foot cream massage
  • All Chiropodists are HPC registered and Degree qualified
  • Foot assessment and after care advice
  • Please note full payment is taken in advance to secure the booking for all new clients and for Saturday appointments. A full refund is made provided we receive at least 24 hours notice so that we can offer the time slot to someone else. We appreciate your understanding with this matter.

Initial chiropody appointments are £42.50.

Follow up appointments are £40.00.

Just Nails Service - £30

  • Toe nail cutting service available to eligible clients for follow up appointments only

One Problem Area - £30

  • One corn, one area of hard skin, one in-grown toenail, one verruca

Nail Surgery - from - £325

  • A permanent solution to problematic nails, where either a portion or the whole nail is removed under local anaesthetic and prevented from growing back
  • Addresses the cause of In-growing toe nails, painful nails, deformed nails, infected nails and thick nails
  • Includes 3 after care appointments
  • Pre-assessment necessary (Luxury Chiropody or One Problem Area)

In-Soles - from £10

Orthotics - £60 - £225

Bio Mechanical Assessment - £69

  • Biomechanics or the study of human motion.  A thorough and Specialist examination of the foot and lower limb
  • Addresses the causes of heel pain, knee pain, sports injury, posture, gait and flat feet
  • Full biomechanical report produced and includes diagnosis of the pain and advice to resolve it
  • Assessment performed by Senior Podiatrist with 20 years experience
  • 60 minute assessment
  • Assessment may conclude that orthotics are required – In this case an impression may be taken (£25)
  • Assessment may conclude a change of footwear, lifestyle or strengthening and stretching program

Modern Toenail Reconstruction - From £30 a nail

  • A natural-looking cosmetic improvement of the nail using light cured resin, similar to a white filling, with anti-fungal properties which grows out with the nail.
  • Can be used to treat a fungal nail infection.
  • Replaces nails which have been lost, damaged or broken (e.g. sports or injury).
  • Protects the nail bed, preventing deformities.
  • Cosmetically acceptable appearance – Perfect for peep toes.
  • Does not damage the remaining nail.
  • Designed to last for 4-6 weeks.
  • Requires consultation + prep appointment prior to the reconstruction.

Small toe: £26

Big toe: £40

Two big toes: £73

All lesser toes: £40

Full set: £99

Reflexology - £45.00 for 1h

Every Thursday 12-6.30pm

Reflexology is an holistic therapy which works on the premise that the anatomy of the body including all glands, organs and systems, is reflected on the feet and hands as reflex points. Applying careful pressure to these reflex points, the Reflexologist stimulates thousands of nerve endings, easing the build-up of everyday stress and tension.


  • Reduction of everyday stresses & strains

  • Induces relaxation

  • Improves circulation

  • Revitalises energy levels

  • Encourages feelings of good health & well-being

Reflexology is an essential part of footcare complementing treatment for diabetes, arthritis, cancer care, pregnancy and Raynaud's phenomenon to name a few. Increasing circulation in the foot and lower leg is paramount to a healthy patient when they come to us presenting certain symptoms associated with these conditions. It is wonderful for encouraging circulation around the foot & lower limb; it softens tendons, ligaments, muscles; warms and soothes troublesome joints; can increase flexibility of movement.


An ancient technique of hair removal from the East. Threading consists of a coil formed with treated thread that epilates hair from the face, upper lip, chin and neck. Most commonly used for Eyebrow shaping due to its precision of removing even a single, fine hair. More effective than waxing yet gentle on the skin! Especially effective for the long treatment of problematic, coarse facial hair or fast regrowth.

Times are a guideline...

Eyebrows                       £ 10.00 (20 mins)

Upper Lip                       £ 4.50 (10 mins)

Chin                                £ 4.50 (10 mins)

Sides of Face                £ 8.00 (20 mins)

Neck                                £ 6.00 (20 mins)

Face (Eyebrows, Upper Lip & Chin)                     £18.00 (40 mins)

Face + (as above including sides and neck)     £28.00 (1hr)


Manicures - £15-£32

EXPRESS: Includes nail trim, file & polish & choice of nail varnish.
DELUXE: Express PLUS exfoliation, foot file & gentle hand massage.
LUXURY: Deluxe PLUS cuticle work and a hand & arm massage.

Pedicures - £20-£40

EXPRESS: Includes nail trim, file & polish, moisturising foot rub & choice of nail varnish.
DELUXE: Express PLUS exfoliation, foot file & gentle lower leg massage.
LUXURY: Deluxe PLUS cuticle work with an Aromatherapy foot soak and lower leg & knee massage.


All of our facials use the most natural products available within the health and beauty market.

Express Facial

Give yourself the gift of beautifully soft, glowing skin in just 30 minutes! Ideal for those with the busiest of schedules or for skin that just needs an extra boost.  Includes a cleanse, exfoliation and facial massage. £30.00 (30 mins)

Luxury Facial

Revive and Feed your skin whilst allowing yourself time to relax with some of the most effective natural products on the market for a long lasting glow you will want to show off to the world! Includes a 3 step cleanse, exfoliation, face mask, tone and sinus and facial massage. £45.00 (1 hr)

Rejuvenating Facial

Specially designed for mature or problematic skin, this facial uses natural oils to plump and ‘iron’ the skin with lasting results. Includes a 3 step cleanse, exfoliation, face mask, tone, serum and facial massage. £45.00 (1 hr)

Natural Lash Lift /NVL - £45.00

The increasingly popular alternative to eyelash extensions! Lengthen, Volume and Lift works on the natural lash to enhance the eye area, giving you a flutter to be proud of lasting 6 – 8 weeks as long as care guidelines are adopted. No more glue or synthetic extensions.£45.00 (approx. 45 mins)